About Us

SH International is a leading project management and property development firm, with headquarter located in the popular suburb of Eastwood.

With over 30 years of experience within the property sector, we bring superior property developments in Sydney for investors worldwide. The company combines the knowledge of renowned and reputable architects, engineers, builders, suppliers and marketers to create a strong team of specialists.

As both project manager and builder, we offer the complete delivery of each project, from concept to completion. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we wish to provide you with a long lasting relationship based on delivering high return, high quality products in a timely and professional manner.

We hope to bring you the next best property development opportunity.









Why Are We Unique?

We are a consolidated group that is formed by various teams of industry experts, with each team offering expertise in their own sector of project development. The teams operate under a centralised project management team, which oversees all operations. Such structure not only focuses on maximizing investment returns, but also ensure high standards in every step of a project.

We ensure transparency to all investors by granting access to information on every detail and update of the project. Through our data system, investors may view project progression reports at any time, including key information such as approval status, sales progress, and financial reports.

We ensure the fairest fees in the industry - instead of traditionally charging based a percentage of the total GRV, we are paid based on the level of success of the project. This means our project management service is not paid unless the project yields return. Therefore, we will look to maximise project return by optimising every aspect of a project, establishing a win-win situation for the investors.