• Board of Director



    Rustom Kudinar-Kwee is the founder and managing director of SH International. As one of Sydney’s most acclaimed architects and project managers, Rustom is best known for his ability to create value for his investors in ways others can only dream of achieving. In 2014, Rustom and his team brought immense impact to the Sydney property market, with a string of 6 popular projects, totaling around 1200 units.
  • Board of Director


    Vice President

    Ming Shang is the founder of Kaiming Development Co., which has 22 years of proud history. Today, Kaiming Development Co. is operating at the highest level, with over 1000 containers imported to Australia annually, providing building materials for the construction industry. With Kaiming’s strong cash flow and expanding business, Ming hopes to bring Southern Han International to the next level.
  • Board of Director


    Director - Sales & Marketing

    During his years in the property industry, Allen has studied rigorously from various successful figures to become one of the most all-rounded property business operators in Sydney. Founder of Vision Property, Allen has built a strong client base for Sydney projects. With a reputation of being an extremely driven individual, Allen has the ambition to exceed expectations in every aspect of his business.
  • Board of Director


    Director - Marketing Strategies

    Founding LW Phoenix at the tender age of 26, William is the brilliant mind behind the marketing strategies for SH International. A born entrepreneur by nature, William has an eye of market trends whether it is for property development use or for client relationship development. William is an established and acclaimed sales trainer and his team has consistently delivered excellent results under his mentorship.
  • Board of Director


    Construction Manager

    Multi-award winner and over 25 years of industry experience, Steve McMahon is the highly reliable and quality-focused construction manager of SH International. Having worked on numerous projects with construction values of over $100M, Steve has immensely extensive knowledge and experience on a wide range of construction projects, from multi-storey residential developments to commercial construction.
  • Board of Director


    IT & Development Manager

    With accreditation from the prestigious Academy of IT and Sydney’s Institute of Business and Technology, Narikki is the IT & Development Manager at SH International. In charge of communications and relationship management between clients, agents and internal staff, Narikki is a crucial asset to SH International. He is also constantly making adjustments to plans ensuring that all transitions are done smoothly.