Property Maintenance

Settlement & Post-Settlement Services

At SH International, we want to go above and beyond the expectations of a project management company.

Our commitment to the complete delivery of a project means that we will also ensure settlement and post-settlement maintenance is covered.

During the final stage of development, our settlement team will:

  • ensure smooth transactions of settlements while meeting buyer satisfaction;
  • be responsible for the arrangements of any post-settlement maintenance services;
  • provide rental and maintenance services where required; and
  • meet all reasonable expectations of buyers. 

SH International is currently developing a new maintenance system for all buyers who have purchased from our projects. 

We believe exceptional service for our clients should continue beyond the settlement of property, with our associated real estate partners offering professional rental and maintenance services.

Our growing database of clients means that we have access to a large pool of customers looking to purchase from our next development project. We treasure every return customer and investor and hope to work with them again in our future development endeavours.